Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday - Storing Vitamins & Medicines

Living overseas means that there are some things that we have to bring from home. One of the big items that we bring is vitamins and over-the-counter medicines. We can get vitamins here but they are very expensive. The over-the-counter medicines are nothing that we know from home and often don't have directions in English. So those two items we bring with us. I usually try to guess maybe I should say estimate how much we will need until our next trip home or someone comes to visit.

One of the challenges that we then have is to make sure that we use the one that will expire next and not the one that still has two years till expiration. Expiration dates seem to be hidden, sometimes on the bottom, sometimes imprinted in the carton, and always in a small font. I got smart this time and got out a colourful Sharpie and on the top of the lid or box I wrote the expiration date. Now when we go to get a new bottle or box we know quickly when it will expire and we can use the next one. It is also easy to check what has expired and needs to be discarded.

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