Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Toddler Size Memories

Miss K is 2 almost 3 and she loves to look at my scrapbooks. The problem is the 12 x 12 are just a bit too big for her to flip through plus right now I have lots of pages. It is two books in one.

Last summer when we were in the land of plenty I found a 6 x6 scrapbook for $1 at one of the craft stores. I bought it because it was cute and I can hardly resist paper, stickers, paper, albums expecially when they are a good price. I even bought some of the insert pages. Then it sat on my shelf with all my other fun supplies.
Until I decided to make a book just for Miss K about Miss K. Called "Miss K's A, B, C's". It is still a work in progress.

C is for cousins and D is from Drum

S and T

I am excited about this project and brainstorming different things for each letter that tell bits and pieces of her life so far. It is a simple book but one that she loves and most of the pages are just plain white at this time.

It works for me to have a book just her size.


GiBee said...

I ADORE this idea! My son is 20 months old, but will soon be at the age where he will be able to enjoy this tip... if I start collecting pictures now, i should be able to have one picture for every letter of the alphabet. Thanks for the tip!

Rebecca said...

What a cute idea. I've been thinking about making an alphabet book for my almost 3 year old and love the idea of incorporating family photos into it.

Anna said...

I made one of these albums for my son and I'll pull it out to look at it a lot. My favorite page was Z - I used a photo of him sleeping and drew a little dream bubble with lots of zzzzz's.
Your daughter will love it for years to come!