Sunday, May 6, 2007

I love my Ergo

I never leave home without it. Over a year ago Miss K had outgrown her Bjorn and living in the urban jungle a stroller just doesn't work too many steps, mini-buses, and double decker buses. Someone mentioned an Ergo so we looked at it and broken down and bought one. Then we couldn't wait 4 months till we went home for a summer visit so thankfully my parents were able to Fedex it to us. Since receiving it we do use it every day.

It is very durable. It has held up great in the plus year that we have had it. It is dirty and needs to be washed but I have to find a day or two that we are home and don't need it. Hmm, maybe I should buy another one.

It is easy to use. I am able to put it on and put Miss K in it without any needing any help.

I can wear it all day as we roam the city and not my back is not hurting. I am tired but even if I wasn't wear her.

It is man enough that my husband will wear it. Not cutesy prints but durable fabric.

I love the front zipper pocket. Perfect for my wallet, cell phone and keys.

I can wear the Ergo and my backpack which is important when you are out shopping. My hands are free to shop.


Deanne said...

Do you always carry her on the front? Does it work as well on the back?

Bo Tai-tai said...

I do always wear it in the front. I think I do that so that I can sit on the mini-bus and the train. Hmm, let me try it on the back. Maybe we can go for a hike today.

Laura said...

I just bought an Ergo too, and I can't rave enough about it. I've got an 8-month old and I'm getting her used to it, which hasn't been hard to do. We were both so sick of the Baby Bjorn. Thanks for your post!
Laura at My Quotidian Mysteries