Friday, May 18, 2007

If the shoe fits

Yesterday morning, I joined the masses and I mean masses as this is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, as I had an early morning appointment with my ND on the island which means an hour and 15 minutes if I want to walk at a normal pace and sit in the waiting room for a few minutes or an hour if I want to walk as fast as I can and be out of breath when I get there.

As I walked from the train station to the subway it was quiet except for the sound of shoes click clacking along. I guess it was too early to be talking on your cell phone. It was full of people going to work and not out for the day with a friend. My shoes were not click clacking along. Birkenstocks don't click clack. I am amazed at the shoes that people wear and walk around the city. Heels at least 3 inches, pointy toes, and things that I don't think my feet would even let me get near them.

I am all about comfortable shoes especially if I have to walk distances or just anywhere. Maybe some of that goes back to having foot surgery when I was 13.

I have two pairs of Birkenstocks and love them. I recommend buying the real thing. I bought my first pair more than 9 years ago. I did get them resoled last year and right now they need to be glued but other than that they are as good as ever. My new pair is now almost 4 years old.

My other favorite shoes are my Clarks. I just had to retire a pair that I had for 4 years. They were worth the investment. Last new I bought a pair to replace those. The same shoe except black instead of brown. I also found a pair of Clark sandals at a cheap for Clarks price. Those are a bit more dressy than the Birks.

Of course, I have sneakers. They are great but not quite dressy for those times of going to the business district of the city. I have a pair of New Balance sneakers. I think last summer I bought a less expensive model. I wish my sneakers had an odometer.

For me it is worth it to buy good quality shoes. They are good for my feet and they do last. They make walking the city much easier.

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