Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not missing much

Yesterday daddy found Miss K's big ball and said "next time we will have to take this ball to the playground." Miss K replied, "way, way" and ran to get her Crocs which is what she usually wears to the playground.

She seems to have a radar that tells her if there is a playground within 50 feet. Yesterday walking through a park she said "way, way" and today following our weekly fellowship she saw the playground.

She knows that Maxim's sells Cheese breadsticks. Okay, she has not figured that there is more than one Maxim's in town. We won't tell her that. As we walk past the one that she does know she will whine which is she is not delayed in, and I will give her a $10 coin and she will pay for the breadsticks and then carry them to the train.

Week in Review - 11/23

The struggle of this week was our schedule. We didn't get as many days of school. I can't say it was because of the holiday since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here.

Our verse was E - "Even a child is know by his doings."

Letters - I am having to adapt the learning because K can't quite do the worksheets and she knows most of her letters. I think we tested her the other day and the only ones she doesn't know are V, J, and L. I think her favourite letter is M.

Math - she is now counting 1 to 5. She can also tell you that she is three. We worked on circles.

We are still reviewing our words and beginning to make sentences -- K drinks milk. K drinks water. Daddy drinks milk. She can read mouth and face.

This week I pulled out some shape puzzle pieces and she spent some time working on this. She did this with just a bit of help from me.

I know her face is dirty. She had been painting with the watercolours and is not a neat artist.

I did find a sticker workbook and we are going to try that as it does not require writing. The first two she was able to do.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some simple and pretty Happy Thanksgiving cards I made to send greetings to those far and away.I used some of the ribbon from the garment district. I love shopping for ribbon there especially now that I have organized it and know what I have.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Trees from Dr. Suess

These tress just looked like they came from a Dr. Suess book. Maybe it was there that he got his inspiration. We saw these this past summer when we were in the USA. I think talking about books and reading reminded me of them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Books and more books

Kelly at Where There's a Will just hosted Get Caught Reading featuring DS children reading.

I had to pick just two pictures which was very hard.

As you can see books are a big part of Miss K's life. She loves them and so do we. We have shelves and shelves of books.

Week in Reveiw - Week 4

The memory verse for this week was "D" Draw nigh to God and he will draw night to you.

We introduced the word "yellow" this week. K knows the colour but now we are working on reading the word and matching to that colour.

We continued to review body parts words, family, and colours.

I am having to rethink how I do the next lessons. This week we began to introduce the letters and take a day to learn the letter. K knows most of her letters so I might just skip ahead.

We are working on counting and I think she can repeat 1 to 5.

We worked on same and different. We match the cards from a memory game and also match the pieces from animal dominoes.

I am learning to take where she is and also the things that she enjoys and see if I can include it into our learning. She loves Pooh. I wanted to test following directions and drawing circles. So I put Pooh, Roo, Tigger, and Eeyore stickers on a paper and then she listened as I told her to circle each one. She did it.
We also worked on learning circles this week. This is a sheet that I put together for her. This summer when we were home I bought some 3M laminating pouches which do not require heat. I made a few different worksheets copying them on cardstock and then using the laminating pouch. She uses the washable crayons and we just wipe them off and practice again.
Speech this week included big and small, the colour blue, matching colours to words, snack time, and playing outside.

That was our week. Oh, we are working on the calendar just putting a sticker on each day. Even though it might not seem that she understands I am sure quite a bit she is understanding and it will come out someday.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Who is on your "god shelf"?

Most homes or businesses will have a "god shelf" a place where they have an idol or maybe an offering to the god. It is common to see these all around the city. Most of the gods are not beautiful rather they are scary. The other day I was walking home from the supermarket and found these two "gods" along the street sitting with incense. Hmm, I actually recognize those gods. I pondered as I walked home and began to wonder if they were the god of materialism and pleasure. I wonder if those are gods on my "god shelf". Am I looking for pleasure and placing that up high as something I worship and desire. I think instead of pleasure I should be willing to make sacrifices so that God's name will be proclaimed. Maybe it is the god of materialism, the long wish list, the things I dream of having. There is nothing wrong with things but am I content with what God has given me.

I have been pondering who is on my "god shelf". I pray that the God that is there is the true and living God, the creator of heaven and earth. My heart's desire is also that those living here will come to know that God and put away the other gods.

Lunch to Go

Our Sundays are packed and time for lunch just doesn't exist unless you consider grabbing something at McD's lunch. K doesn't quite handle a sandwich so I took a lesson from the Japanese and tried to create a little Bento type lunch for her. It is also nice because she can hold the box and sit in the stroller and eat it.

Birthday Flowers

I forgot to show you the flowers that my loving husband gave me for my birthday. I love bouquets with lots of colour. These were in a small okay for Asia small heart shape box. Most of the bouquets seem to be big and not made to put in a vase. I love being able to take a picture. That lasts longer than the flowers.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well Stocked

Mom, this picture is just for you. You taught me how to fill a freezer and a refrigerator as well. My freezer is small compared to American sizes but I can fit quite a bit in there. Coffee, ice cream, pumpkin in 1/2 cup containers for muffins, bixed berries, homemade breakfast sausage, homemade tortillas that someone gave me, bananas for smoothies, bread or muffins, spices which you can't see cause they are on the door so the bugs don't get into them, all kinds of dried beans, chicken, beef, spinach which I can buy all the time at the store and I love keeping it one hand, pizza dough and many other things. Maybe it is time to clean out the freezer.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Week in Review 11/9

This week we finished the 3rd week which is also the first unit.

Our verse for this week was C Children obey your parents in the Lord. We did some obedience training as well.

Reading - we are reviewing the words and adding some body parts. She almost has some of those words. She can't say the part except for elbow which is very cute but we have things that we do so we know that she is reading the word -- touch your nose, stick your tongue out (I know I might regret that later), etc. She also can read milk but it sounds more like belk we will even do the mmm sound and out comes belk.

Math - we started the calendar. Okay, I don't think she gets much out of that but we put a sticker on the day. Knowing her something is sticking in there. We also did top and bottom which we need to review and some sorting.

We have some coloured blocks with letters, numbers, pictures on them. I decided to use those for sorting colours -- wrong idea she was too busy telling me the various letter sounds.

Letters and letters sounds is her favourite thing.

On Fridays she has speech at a friend's house. Today we put leaves on a tree, feathers on a turkey, and did a few other activities. We are working to get her to make choices.

On Thursdays we go to Little Gym which gives her some PT and works on gross motor skills. She is climbing more since we started that. She will walk the balance beam if you hold her hand. She is beginning to try to hold the bar.

Next week we are going to do a bit of a review and begin the unit on letter sounds.

That was our week.

Defining Moment

It is interesting to hear how other people define you. I am part of a wonderful forum and recently we were defining each other. So here is how I was defined.

so giving.
a great mama
has a wonderful sense of humor, and is so thoughtful
is so thoughtful!
good sense of humor
understatedly hilarious

I find it funny that humor and hilarious are mentioned. I don't think of myself as that funny but I guess others do.

Friday, November 2, 2007

K3 Week in Review - 11/2

I have a new goal and that is to post a review of our school week each week. You might find it interesting but it helps me to remember and organize what we did.

I have dabbled in preschool with Miss K for some time. After she learned to read her name on her own and has learned quite a number of letter sounds, I decided it was time to get serious. I also realized that if we were in the States and if I wanted to utilize the system there that she would be going to school. Yikes, I don't want her to get behind (that is said in jest because I don't think she is behind, she is on K's schedule).

BJU Press has a pilot K4 and K5 program that has been written for Special Needs Kids. I decided to get the K4 and start it.

Week 1 was basic -- her name, daddy, momma, introduce red and blue. She knows her colours so we moved that to reading red and blue and matching items to the word instead of to a cup/bowl of that colour. Our memory verse for the week was "A". I am using a very old like the age of my brothers old copy of Bible Memory Associations A,B,C's memory book.

Things to review/learn - left and right. Just something that we will come back to later.

Week 2 we continued to review those items as well as added green just because we were getting bored of just bed and blue. We also spent time learning about "Me" -- senses and my body. We looked at pictures, listened to music, felt things, smelled things, and sang "Oh, Be Careful" a number of times.

At the end of this week she can read -- her name, momma (except at times I am still Boo-boo-boo which is what she calls me she can say momma but that is what you say when you need help or are stuck), daddy, red, blue, and eyes.

Here she is matching the colours. The weather changed from last week to this week. Doesn't this dress just make her look like she should be going to school.

Things we need to review or learn -- ankle and wrist -- she knows all the other body parts but those were on the list. I am not sweating that. I just have to add that she can say "elbow" and it very cute to hear her say it.

These are our smelling bottles. I love old film cases. They are so good for so many things.