Thursday, May 3, 2007

My New Favorite Store

Yesterday we went to the doctor. On the way home I decided to go to the Salvation Army store. It was a walk down the hill from the bus stop but it seems that I am not in that area often so this was my chance to go. It was my first time to go there.

Miss K loves her baby and I saw this one and could not resist. My roots come out and I had to buy it. It is in the package. Just $40. It usally doesn't take anyone a long time in my house to know that I know blue and white dishes and to add a bit of colour I add some yellow. I found this plate. It is a sample. It wasn't chipped when I bought it but I brought it home and put it on the highchair while I was getting lunch ready and a little girl wanted "baby" and pulled the bag down. My tile floor is hard on everything and it chipped but it is not really noticable.
Last summer I bought a Xyron 510. I used my 50% coupon and thought I got a good deal. I found one yesterday in the box. They retail for $59.99 and I paid $50 for it. Wonder who I will give it to?

Just remember the prices listed are not US$ except for the $59.99 retail for the Xyron 510.

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Sheila in Seattle said...

I'd like the Xyron but the shipping cost wouldn't be worth it. Hmmm, maybe it would? Not sure.

I have a nice Xyron but it doesn't do laminating.