Monday, May 14, 2007

Exploring the Grocery Store

One of the fun things about living overseas is experiencing new foods and discovering that you really like them. Arnott's Mint Slice Cookies are our favorite but now we are going through withdraw as they don't seem to have them in any grocery store.

One of the fun things that we have discovered is Easiyo Yogurt maker. I have a few yogurt lovers living in this house and we have found this to be an easy and cheap way to have yogurt all the time. It really is easy. Add water to the container, mix in the yogurt mix, fill the thermal container with boiling water and then in the morning you have yogurt. There might be things that you can buy at home but there I tend to buy the things that I know and don't branch out too much. Here at times I am forced to branch out because what I know isn't available. That happened the other week. I needed some tomato paste and couldn't find it but I found tomato puree in a tube just like toothpaste. I decided that I do like it. It was a bit strange to squeeze it like toothpaste and get tomato puree.

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Sheila said...

That sounds like a great idea (the puree in a tube). Its so messy getting the tomato paste out of the can and I never seem to get it all out.