Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Milestone

I don't know where this milestone is on the developmental charts but she reached that milestone today. The one of taking baby dolls clothing off and now we have a baby doll that is lacking clothing. Somehow taking the clothing off is easier than putting the clothing new.

I do have to add this cute story that goes along with that. Miss K wanted baby's clothing off so being the fun momma that I am I took the clothing off. Then Miss K took baby and put her on the changing table which meant she had to throw baby up there. Miss K then pulled a diaper out of the bag and wanted to "change" baby's diaper. I think baby is only allowed one diaper. Maybe I should be a fun momma and make some diapers for baby.


Sheila said...

Do you have any old diapers around? Like size 1? Those might work. Or cloth ones? I have a whole bunch of cloth that I used to use for burp rags.

Undoing and doing up velcro is probably good practice for her? Fine motor skills?

Shannon said...

I think you should make her a few diapers and use velcro like the poster above mentioned. Also, we have a house full of Gabi's naked baby dolls! And, thanks for the wonderful comment about Gabi's World. I enjoy coming over here as well. Your Godly view of how you should be for your husband and your household is an inspiration to me! It's not an easy thing to do, and God will reward you for it!
Take Care!