Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tired but Happy Feet

I think I did things in the wrong order today. The first thing I did was meet a friend and go for a foot massage. Aghhh, that is one of the most wonderful things. First they put them in warm water to get the blood flowing and then look out feet and body. Actually, the girl that did my massage was not too rough. It felt wonderful. It was a nice treat. I did hear there is a place in my town that is nice and cheap. I might have to try it again or just wait until vacation next month.

After that we headed to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. Yummy. That is my favorite place here to eat. There are so many good things on the menu that it is hard to pick which one I will have to eat this time. The Greek Pizza is on the menu for a limited time so we had to have that. We ordered an appetizer and as soon as it came a certain 2 year old was grabbing (remember the name Grabber Gal). She ate that and a bit of pizza crust.

Then we continued our running around down. We took the ferry across the harbour as that is the fastest way to get there from where we were. The options include the subway or a bus. We had a 2:30 appointment at the consoluate. They don't have Citizen Services on Wednesday afternoon but we had an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. Then I saw our name on the list and pointed to that. Oh, yes, they do fingerprinting only on Wednesday afternoon so you can go up to the 2nd floor. It was quite there and they have toys so Miss K was happy.

We finished that and I had to go to the toilet (that is what they are called here). The guy told us there were public toilets around the corner and he said "they are clean and tidy". For public toilets I do give them a high rating. Actually for any toilet they get a high rating. There was paper in the stall, soap, and a hand dryer.

I took Miss K and we came home but first we had to walk to the MRT (subway) station. Thankfully it was downhill. It was only the 2nd stop so I was able to get a seat which is always a blessing.

We stopped at the mall which is always crowded as I wanted to get some baskets and since I was there get some feta cheese as that is the cheapest place in town for feta. Most things at that grocery store are more expensive. The milk is $10 more for the same thing you could get at another store. One of the things you learn is where you can get things and who has the best price.

I came home. Oh, I rode the train from the mall to our stop and then had my driver take me home (doesn't that sound impressive when all it was really was the next taxi in line). My feet were tired and needed a foot massage when I got home.

One of the challenges of living in the city it you can't throw things in the car when you go to the next place. I have to carefully think what orderI want to shop and how I can get everything home.

That is my day. I did make dinner. Now I am going to play Word Racer which is our favorite online word game.

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Sheila said...

I need a nap after reading that. :)

I guess I should be thankful that almost every public "toilet" I go to has soap, toilet paper and hand dryers/paper towels. I was mad recently when I found one without soap.