Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I was thinking of the various stages and the nicknames that Miss K has gotten along the way.

Pumpkin - This was her first nickname. We couldn't call her sweetheart or honey because that confused us. Were we talking about her or me. Pumpkin seemed to be fitting. She even had a t-shirt that said "Daddy's little pumpkin."

Miss Wiggles - she might have low muscle tone but she can wiggle. Her favorite time to wiggle was during diaper changes. I just got a picture of her at BSF story time and she is wiggling off the helper's lap.

The Octopus - Have you ever tried to dress an octopus? Have you ever tried to hold an octopus in church? I guess it is related to Miss Wiggles. She then had octopus sandals last summer. I miss those shoes.

Miss K - that has to be said with a bit of a southern accent. Nai Nai calls her that and we do at times.

Grabber Gal - The superhero that grabs things. Arms longer than her body, reach beyond the normal length grabbing what should not be grabbed. Related to Grabber Man, her cousin.

Mei Mei - most often she is Mei Mei (little sister) only on rare occasions is she "jie jie" (big sister).

I think that is a list of nicknames at this time. She did get called "xiao jie" by one therapist which is funny as it is "miss" like a young lady.

What name will she get tomorrow?

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Shannon said...

Grabber Gal reminds me of a nickname my husband calls Gabi. He calls Grabi. I love your site by the way.