Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Problem Solved - Not Quite

I decided that I could make some diapers for baby. K has cloth diapers why not make some for baby. I know a few people suggested it but I saw that after my great idea.

I came home this afternoon. I did a quick online search for free baby doll diaper pattern. Nothing. I decided to be creative and using some paper made a pattern. Then I pulled through my fabric box and found some fabrics. Mom, do you recognize these fabrics? Since it is just for baby they don't have to be thick or fit snug.

I was pleased with the fit. I dressed baby. When, K got up from her supposed to be nap. I showed her baby with the diaper. The first thing she did was take the diaper off and say "done". A little bit later I said "baby, needs a diaper". So K goes her to room and gets another disposible diaper. No, I just made new cute diapers for baby.

Anyway, baby has two diapers and neither one is on her. She is still without clothing.

Oh well, I had fun being creative.

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Shannon said...

It looks great! She'll get the idea eventually. I wish I was as creative as you are.