Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tai-tai's brag

Today is the day that I get to brag about my husband. The past week has not been an easy one for us as we are left picking up the pieces of a dream. We really don't know all of what is going to happen but I am thankful that Bo is at my side in all of this. Nothing real serious just some uncertainty regarding where we will be living.

I think back to when I met him one of the things that I loved about him was his passion for others. He had a desire to share truth. That continues even today. It is because of that desire that we are living where we are.

I think of how he complements me. No, not the words that he says but the ways that our personalities and talents work together. I am the quick, let's get it done who cares if it is spelled correctly or has all the little words that it needs. He is the one that ponders and carefully makes sure that things are presentable.

When I am feeling down, he continues to remind me that God is in control. I need his faith at times when mine is weak.

He makes me laugh. He helps with so many things. I am thankful to be his tai-tai.

So happy birthday to you, my husband.

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