Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Daughter - Grabber Gal

So the other week I bragged and told everyone how smart my daughter is. I guess now I should also confess her latest sin. Last week we went to town to run a few errands. I went to look in one store and Bo who was wearing Miss K went to the drug store to get some toothpaste. We met outside and I saw Miss K playing with a tube of toothpaste but thought that it was the tube Bo bought. Bo went to McDonald's for a drink and I went to another store. When I met them he told me that the tube of toothpaste that she had been playing with was the tube that she shoplifted.

It seems that when he bent down to get a tube she grabbed a tube and he didn't realize you have to check her hands when you leave a store.

I checked the baby book and for some reason they don't have a line for "first shoplifting experience".

Just in case anyone is wondering if she were older and had the understanding of what she did I would be talking with her and disciplining her but at this age she doesn't know except for the fact that we are working on not grabbing things.

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Sheila in Seattle said...

C does that, too.

I don't like the aisles of things that are right at his level in the stroller.