Friday, February 2, 2007

February's Update

It is hard to believe that the first month of 2007 is gone already. I still wrote 2006 on a check the other day.

I did read one book in February -- Tim LaHaye's book, I love you but we are so different. I can't say that there was anything in there that made the book a keeper. It was all about the four personalities and how you marry a different personality. That book is going in my give away pile. I have already picked February's book and am beginning to flip through it.

Getting rid of things -

Bo took a bag of clothing to the clothing recycle yesterday. A friend was in town and I gave her some of my clothing.

I didn't buy anymore scrapbook paper thanks to the website freezing when I was trying to place an order. I want to order some Asian paper for my scrapbooking of local events. I did buy some ribbon for scrapbooking so I added a bit of that to my collection. Paper is the worst. I am not a strict has to be acid free person. I love adding too many other little things along the way. I had a pretty 2006 calendar that had Chinese verses on it with Chinese art so I decided to cut the borders and now I have all kids of scraps for borders and Asian scrapbook pages. I will try to post some pictures of that.

I have been sewing some bags which uses the small pieces of fabric that I have around. I have fun making them and so I made a list of all the people that I am going to make one for this year. I made a shoe bag for a friend's birthday with fabric and ribbon that I had around here. I didn't buy anymore fabric!

Exercise - The good news is I found a walking partner. Knowing that someone will be standing at the corner at 6:00 am waiting for you it motivation to make sure that you are up and walking. We are going to go twice a week. Now that means that I need to do something on my own two other times a week. In grading this goal I would give myself a "needs improvement".

I am continuing to get up early and have the quiet time. We are studying Romans in BSF and I am continuing to read through the Bible. I am in Psalms. No, I didn't start January 1st and read that far.

Now let's see what I get done in February.

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