Monday, February 5, 2007

My daughter is so smart

I know most mothers say things like that. She continues to amaze us at what she knows both things we have taught her like putting her dirty clothing in the laundry basket and putting her dishes in the sink. The things that really amaze us are the things that we don't teach her but she learns and picks up.

The other Sunday Bo was brushing his teeth and so I just threw my brush on the bed since I couldn't get into the bathroom. A bit later he told me Miss K got the brush and pushed her way in to put it in the basket. I never said, "momma's brush goes here."

We had a banana flash card that had been the bookmark in the Bible story book but it was misplaced. Miss K found it and went to the sofa pointing to the shelf where the Bible story book was and knew that the banana flash card was to go in there.

As I ponder these things that she is doing, I am continuing to rejoice in all the many ways that God has been faithful in caring for her. At times her special needs do show but often they are hidden behind her sweet personality. At times her specials needs cause me to cry wondering how we will handle this but so many times I am reminded that God knew all along and none of this is a surprise to him.

I am sure there is more that I can add but that is all for today. I think I need to show a picture of this smart girl.

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Sheila in Seattle said...

Wonderful post. You're doing such a great job with her. She is indeed very smart.

I need to start training A to put his dishes in the kitchen after meals.