Friday, February 9, 2007

Celebrating Friends

Sallie has invited friends to join her in celebrating a year of abudance. I have been thinking about that and pondering overflowing blessings that I do have.

Last year we moved and that meant saying good-bye to many friends some of whom I will see again. We arrived here in September and we are slowlying meeting people and connecting with them but that is slow.

I am blessed to have so many friends but living in a transient society does mean that people are always coming and going which really means I have friends all over the world.

A few weeks ago a dear friend was in town but our schedules did not allow us to visit that day but she had the next morning free but she across the border. The previous week I had gotten my visa and so I was able to go and have breakfast with her. The funny thing is it takes me less time to get there than it does to get downtown where she was staying. We enjoyed three wonderful hours together eating, drinking horrible coffee but it was coffee, talking, laughing and catching up.

Then a week later another friend came to town. She stayed at our house and we enjoyed a wonderful weekend together shopping, exploring the city, taking and laughing. That dear friend invited me to a woman's retreat in her town.

I also think of new friends that I have met since moving here. L who lives in my village and has become my walking partner. The 45 minute walk goes quickly as we chat. J and her family who miss homemade pizza and so we are celebrating the abudance of our oven and having it tomorrow evening. We have been blessed to meet so many people since arriving.

I also have friends that keep in touch in various ways and even though I might not see them or be able to call them, Hey, I am on Skype now so you can always Skype me, we stay in touch.

I need to remember this abundance when I am feeling alone here in a new place. Friends are a blessing.

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