Friday, November 2, 2007

K3 Week in Review - 11/2

I have a new goal and that is to post a review of our school week each week. You might find it interesting but it helps me to remember and organize what we did.

I have dabbled in preschool with Miss K for some time. After she learned to read her name on her own and has learned quite a number of letter sounds, I decided it was time to get serious. I also realized that if we were in the States and if I wanted to utilize the system there that she would be going to school. Yikes, I don't want her to get behind (that is said in jest because I don't think she is behind, she is on K's schedule).

BJU Press has a pilot K4 and K5 program that has been written for Special Needs Kids. I decided to get the K4 and start it.

Week 1 was basic -- her name, daddy, momma, introduce red and blue. She knows her colours so we moved that to reading red and blue and matching items to the word instead of to a cup/bowl of that colour. Our memory verse for the week was "A". I am using a very old like the age of my brothers old copy of Bible Memory Associations A,B,C's memory book.

Things to review/learn - left and right. Just something that we will come back to later.

Week 2 we continued to review those items as well as added green just because we were getting bored of just bed and blue. We also spent time learning about "Me" -- senses and my body. We looked at pictures, listened to music, felt things, smelled things, and sang "Oh, Be Careful" a number of times.

At the end of this week she can read -- her name, momma (except at times I am still Boo-boo-boo which is what she calls me she can say momma but that is what you say when you need help or are stuck), daddy, red, blue, and eyes.

Here she is matching the colours. The weather changed from last week to this week. Doesn't this dress just make her look like she should be going to school.

Things we need to review or learn -- ankle and wrist -- she knows all the other body parts but those were on the list. I am not sweating that. I just have to add that she can say "elbow" and it very cute to hear her say it.

These are our smelling bottles. I love old film cases. They are so good for so many things.

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Sheila said...

Great photos! You have the perfect handwriting for being a teacher. :)