Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Number

I have a new number today. Hmm, should I tell you what that number is? Maybe, I need to think about that.

Today is my birthday. I can't say that I am doing any special to celebrate today. We went to church this morning and then had our ESL class. I did spend some time yesterday with a friend, we went for a foot massage and then lunch. My husband gave me flowers. I have a picture but Blogger is not co-operating.

I do think that each day is a blessing from the Lord and that each year is a milestone of the Lord's faithfulness. I have so many things to be thankful for this year.

I also have a great aunt that is celebrating her 97th birthday today. I am 55 years younger. There you can do the math. My great aunt served many years in Central America. A few years ago she had a stroke and how is in a wheelchair but she spends her days writing letters on the typewriter, praying, and even making a baby dress for a friend's baby. I am her special birthday girl because I was born on her birthday. She has been a wonderful example to me of someone who has lived life in Joy. Happy Birthday to you.

I am looking forward to the Lord's blessings and gifts of this coming year.


mamabeck said...



Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope my package arrives soon (if it hasn't already).

I wish we could celebrate it together.


Deanne said...

Happy birthday, my friend!!

(Sorry I missed your call. I was packing. :) )

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Happy belated birthday! Yours is very close to Gabi's birthday. Her's is today- Nov 1st!