Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week in Review - 11/23

The struggle of this week was our schedule. We didn't get as many days of school. I can't say it was because of the holiday since we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here.

Our verse was E - "Even a child is know by his doings."

Letters - I am having to adapt the learning because K can't quite do the worksheets and she knows most of her letters. I think we tested her the other day and the only ones she doesn't know are V, J, and L. I think her favourite letter is M.

Math - she is now counting 1 to 5. She can also tell you that she is three. We worked on circles.

We are still reviewing our words and beginning to make sentences -- K drinks milk. K drinks water. Daddy drinks milk. She can read mouth and face.

This week I pulled out some shape puzzle pieces and she spent some time working on this. She did this with just a bit of help from me.

I know her face is dirty. She had been painting with the watercolours and is not a neat artist.

I did find a sticker workbook and we are going to try that as it does not require writing. The first two she was able to do.

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Sheila said...

Have you heard the Steve Green album "Hide 'em In your Heart?" It has a song that goes:
"Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is good and right."

That immediately came to mind. We play it in the car sometimes. I'd like to say it has an affect on the boys' behaviour, but lately, I can't.