Friday, November 9, 2007

Week in Review 11/9

This week we finished the 3rd week which is also the first unit.

Our verse for this week was C Children obey your parents in the Lord. We did some obedience training as well.

Reading - we are reviewing the words and adding some body parts. She almost has some of those words. She can't say the part except for elbow which is very cute but we have things that we do so we know that she is reading the word -- touch your nose, stick your tongue out (I know I might regret that later), etc. She also can read milk but it sounds more like belk we will even do the mmm sound and out comes belk.

Math - we started the calendar. Okay, I don't think she gets much out of that but we put a sticker on the day. Knowing her something is sticking in there. We also did top and bottom which we need to review and some sorting.

We have some coloured blocks with letters, numbers, pictures on them. I decided to use those for sorting colours -- wrong idea she was too busy telling me the various letter sounds.

Letters and letters sounds is her favourite thing.

On Fridays she has speech at a friend's house. Today we put leaves on a tree, feathers on a turkey, and did a few other activities. We are working to get her to make choices.

On Thursdays we go to Little Gym which gives her some PT and works on gross motor skills. She is climbing more since we started that. She will walk the balance beam if you hold her hand. She is beginning to try to hold the bar.

Next week we are going to do a bit of a review and begin the unit on letter sounds.

That was our week.

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