Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not missing much

Yesterday daddy found Miss K's big ball and said "next time we will have to take this ball to the playground." Miss K replied, "way, way" and ran to get her Crocs which is what she usually wears to the playground.

She seems to have a radar that tells her if there is a playground within 50 feet. Yesterday walking through a park she said "way, way" and today following our weekly fellowship she saw the playground.

She knows that Maxim's sells Cheese breadsticks. Okay, she has not figured that there is more than one Maxim's in town. We won't tell her that. As we walk past the one that she does know she will whine which is she is not delayed in, and I will give her a $10 coin and she will pay for the breadsticks and then carry them to the train.

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