Thursday, July 19, 2007

Party Success

Miss K's party was a success. We had a few games. We played "pin the bow on Hello Kitty" and then drop the Hello Kitty clothespins in the jar. I was suprised how much even the older kids enjoyed that game. We played pass Hello Kitty and the twist was the person that has just given Hello Kitty to the next person got a treat. Okay, being fair and even, everyone got a treat. The party favor bags were fun. I had gathered all kinds of things before we came at various places around the city. I found little containers at the Japan Dollar Store, stickers at the stationary store, tissues and candy at the grocery store and a few other things. I even made a special gift bag for my 9 day old niece -- just a container and a washcloth.

It was a fun party and we have a year till we do it again.

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Shannon said...

Well Happy Birthday Miss K! The Hello Kitty thing was a neat idea!