Monday, July 2, 2007

Worshipping as a Family

We somewhat fell into taking Miss K to the worship service with us as the church we attended when she was born did not have a nursery. I could sit up on the 2nd floor and watch the service on video or train her to sit with us. We began at that time training her to sit with us. I do remember one Sunday that she laughed as she was looking at her Bible story book.

Since that time we have talked about what we want to do in regarding to this. Do we put her in nursery? Do we keep her in church with us? Slowly over the past few years we have come to decide that we want her worshipping with us. I love to see her enjoy singing and praising God with us. She will even raise her hands. Over the past year we have been working to have her learn to just sit. I will have a pencil or maybe a container of Golfish crackers if necessary but I save that until I really need it. I learned that if I get them out early just for her to have them then she wants something else and she doesn't sit as quietly.

Today I felt affirmed in what we are doing. The sermon was on prayer. She had a few pieces of paper and two pencils but a few times I noticed her folding her hands. It was so cute to watch her try to hold those papers up against her chest and at the same time fold her hands. She was listening to the sermon. She heard the pastor say "pray". That encouraged us to continue training and teaching her to worship God with us together as a family.

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