Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Needs Only Update

I have avoided the Gap, Old Navy, and OshKosh sweaters that are just $4. Twice even. That should count for something.

I have only really been buying groceries and for the most part stick to my list which are the things we need.

Oh, confession I went to the fabric district yesterday. I am searching for an idea and then supplies for the February scrapbooking swap. The theme is Chinese New Year. I found some ribbon and have an idea. I also found some other scrapbooking things, ribbons and embellishments. I don't know if I really needed all of those but it was a case of I have spent the 45 minutes to get here which was actually on my way home from Bible study I don't want to come back next week.

Just a few more days of this. It will be a test on Friday as a friend will be in town and we will spend a part of the day shopping.

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