Friday, January 5, 2007

Day 4 & 5 Needs Only

Day 4 - It is easy not to spend money when you stay home. That is what I did yesterday. The one thing I did was offer to make a sandwich for my husband as he had some meetings and some errands to run. He took me up on that offer and we saved about $10 as that is what he normally spends for lunch. My husband like that I am doing this but he has not completely bought into this idea.

Day 5 - Again I stayed home. We did go out for dinner but our friends treated. My money saving venture today was to get the cloth diapers out that have been in a box since we moved and start using them. Maybe if I use them during the day I can make the bag last the rest of the month.

I will admit that I am doing some window shopping and starting to think of what I will buy in February.

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