Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shopping for Spring Clothing

This actually happened a few weeks ago. We went to our little town on a Monday morning to run some errands. I took Miss K and headed to the health and beauty store while my dear husband went to get some other things. I was walking down the street and spied a large group of woman gathered around a table digging through clothing. I spied a Talbot's label and that drew me into the mix. There I was a white woman among all the Asian women, digging and trying to see what I could find. Here are some of the fun things I found. I also found a dress for me that if I lose 5 pounds will fit. It matches Miss K's pants that are on the top right. It has a Hanna Anderson label.

You just never know what you will find on the streets. My husband called me wondering where I was because I wasn't in the store where we were going to meet. I told him where I was and he said I must have blended in because he walked past the mob and he didn't notice me.

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