Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Blues - Variatations on a Theme

I saw something similar to this on someone's blog. Sorry, I can't remember and if it was your blog, thank you for the idea.

The other year at a yard sale someone was selling some scrapbook supplies. They had tried and decided it wasn't for them. I reaped the benefits. I had the paper sitting in my cabinet and decided I really need to use it. I have been trying to do more of that - using things I have. I pulled out one piece of each of the blue patterns and decided to just cut and see what I could make.

Here is a simple Happy Birthday card. My corner punch died as I was doing this. It was sad but our hero came to the rescue and was able to buy one at the stationary store when he went out to workout.A bit square. I stamped Happy birthday inside and I have a nice birthday card.
This one looks like a circus.
This is my favourite creation and I love it so I decided to make a few more to have on hand. Doesn't it just look like a baby boy. The onsie stamp is a recent purchase and I love it. I embossed it and then it was easy to cut it out.
There are the variations on The Blues.


Sheila said...

Very cute!!

Good for S for getting you a new punch. They are essential to a crafter.

Deanne said...

I love the onesie card too. Very cute!