Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I did it.

My friend told me about a sign that she saw at a craft show. It said, "I know you can but will you?" Good point.

I received a card at Christmas that was a pull-out tag. It was not a homemade card but I decided that I could make it and look I did!

This is my first attempt. I learned some lessons -- cut and measure carefully. When I was home I bought Glue Lines which made it easy to attach the pocket. This was just a "let's try it and see what happens". I did write a short note and send it to a friend.

This is my 2nd one and it was so much easier becuase I was careful in measuring and cutting. This one I stamped the tag and had a cute birthday card.
So "yes, I can and I did it." Oh, so many fun things that can be done with this concept.


Sheila said...

Cool. Very pretty cards. I hadn't heard of glue lines. Shocking, eh?

I love that qyote. I need it large and framed.

Deanne said...

Those are great Beth! I really liked the papers you used.

Good for you for doing it yourself!!