Monday, April 7, 2008

10 Simple Pleasures

Someone on a message board was complaining no I mean encouraging us to update our blogs. She must have been looking for updates here and didn't find any. Well, another dear friend gave a suggestion for a topic, 10 Simple Pleasures.

1. A sleeping baby/toddler - there is nothing like a sleeping baby/toddler. They are so sweet and peaceful. Mine is sleeping now.

2. Clean sheets that have been hung on the line and have that fresh outdoor smell. I might live in the city but I have am able to enjoy that. Then again having a dryer here is a big deal. I do have one but only use it when I need to.

3. A new box of crayons - I love the smell and the colours, the sharp points. I just need a new colouring book to go with it.

4. Dark chocolate - Wilbur Buds are my favourite -- just the right size to pop in your mouth for pure delight.

5. A vanilla latte - I am still drooling about the delicious one I had a few weeks ago. I don't know what they did different but it was oh so good.

6. Warm chocolate chip cookies - I like to make them with Toll House chocolate chips. I just brought back 2 bags of chips with me.

7. A letter in the mail from a friend - I love getting mail in my mailbox. I even enjoy writing letters back.

8. A foot massage - aghh, my feet are ready for another one. I found my coupons so I am ready to go -- just need some time.

9. Autumn leaves and the colours - it is a pleasure and one I enjoy but have not seen it for years.

10. A hug and a kiss from my wonderful husband which says so much to me.


Cari said...

ooh, I love new crayons too! In fact, I tend to give my boys my crayons once I wear them down and they are no longer new. Bad Me! :)

blessedmama said...

i really enjoyed your list, beth! thanks for playing along!!

Sheila said...

Sounds like I need to write you an old-fashioned letter.

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