Monday, April 2, 2007

Menu 4/2 to 4/7

I sat down and planned my menu on paper and then drew arrows all around the paper as I moved things around because of various changes in our week.

Asian style beef stew which I made for lunch as Bo was not going to be home for dinner and we didn't have leftovers. I don't like cooking my big meal at lunchtime.

Thai meal out with friends

We have a lunch appointment and so for dinner we are going to have something easy
Lemon Asparagus with bow-tie pasta

Chicken with potato casserole Need to make some sides and dessert as we are having company

Chicken stir-fry - I want to make a stir-fry once a week. My gas canister is the biggest one which tells me that cooking western uses more gas so I am going to try something new more Asian cooking

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annie said...

Your menu looks great!
Easter Blessings~
♥ Annie
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