Wednesday, April 4, 2007

March's Results

It is hard to believe that it is April already. Time to reflect on how I did on my goals for the year.

Read one book - I did it. The exciting this is I found a place where I can give my books away and know they are being used. I have a bag here to give to my friend.

Reduce - I used some more fabric making bags. I didn't buy any more fabric. I did buy some ribbon but that is so small. Paper - I scrapbooked 27 pages so that used some paper. I also gave some paper away to a friend who is beginning to scrapbook. I will confess I bought some new paper but it was just what I need for my Asian pages.

Exercise - I am walking with my walking partner when it is not raining. I will admit that I am not where I should be in that.

Quiet time - I am continuing in my Romans study and currently am in the middle of Psalms.

That was March. Now we move into April.


Sheila in Seattle said...

27 scrapbook pages! You are the sb queen! Wow!

Where do you find the time?

Bo Tai-tai said...

Remember my husband was gone for a week in March. Another thing you should note I have the type who throws pictures on paper, adds a title, and one or two little things and says it is finished.