Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Menu 4/16

What are we eating this week?
That is a good question. One that I do hope to answer prior to the end of the week and hopefully before 5:30 each day. I need a plan.

Indian restaurant - we just got home from traveling and had no food in the house
Big huge salad using Island China's copycat dressing
Miss K had a hard boiled egg, veggie and cheese
Out with friends - these are friends that live in town but we rarely see
Out with friends - these are our new friends who are moving here and so this is our chance to get together
leftovers or whatever Miss K and I can find around the house as Bo has his Friday night fellowship
I can't think that far ahead. I don't know what we will be doing. I might go to the Scrapbook Day or we might go hiking. We might see our new friends again. I might cook or we might go out.

Now I do have a plan for the week and we will be eating.

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