Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quote for the day

"Stockpile Beautiful Memories"

That was what was written on the bookmark that I bought for a friend. In a way it is a funny saying but in another way it is a good reminder. It reminds me to enjoy the beautiful memories. I am realizing how many beautiful memories I do forget and so I need to work to remember them. I used to be very good at journaling but that was before I was married. I think it is time to pull out the journal and again write in it. I will tell you that reading those is fun. There are also parts that I think I was crazy and parts that I don't want anyone to read because they might think I really am crazy.

What beautiful memories have I created this week? A memory of bundling to stay warm as the temperatures dropped to what I think is record lows. Memories of Miss K asking for "school". Memories of laughing with a friend as we created our diaper cake. I have the memory of realizing that even though I have one child and am in the middle of adoption paperwork, infertility still hurts. I am going to work on stockpiling beautiful memories.

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