Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Diaper Cake

My friend had the idea of making a diaper cake for a baby shower. She said she had done it before about 8 years ago but that is more experience than I have in making one.

The diapers here have a bit more printing so it was not totally white. My friend had the job of getting the diapers and things to put on the cake while I went to buy the ribbon. Ribbon for the cake, ribbon for me, ribbon for me but this is about my ribbon but the cake.

We started rolling and putting the diapers in the rubber band and were feeling pretty good about how things looked. It was nice and tight on the bottom layer. Then all of a sudden the rubber band broke and diapers went flying all over the table. We got smart and used three rubber bands this time so if one broke we had two as backup.

It was simple and looked nice. We didn't make it too difficult because one of us was going to have to carry it on the bus and the train and a taxi.

The top was rolled socks that look like roses.

I looked at them online and just about fell over with the prices that they are charging -- $75 to $159. Ours didn't cost that much -- I just gave her $120 but that was not US$.

We decided this is our signature gift. We have diapers left over for the next shower and I think we will have plenty of opportunities to practice this as this seems to be the year of babies in mom's group.

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