Monday, January 21, 2008

Cognitive Evaluation

We had a heart check-up and then a PT evaluation last week. The PT wanted to do a cognitive evaluation as well. We were able to fit that into our schedule.

Her developmental age is 2 years 3 months. She is weak on logic, concepts, memory and thinking is weak.

1. Teach "same" and "different". Compare objects - Is it the same? Which one is different?

2. Match correct color and shape at the same time, not just one. Give her a lot of choices to choose from. Blue triangles, red circles, etc.

3. Let her match a lot of different shapes in a row; don't just do one and then quit.

4. Arrange something with blocks; let her copy the exact same construct with her blocks. This will teach spatial reasoning.

5. Memorize different combinations of numbers, for memory practice. Don't just say one number at a time. Like telephone numbers: "57134", say it.

6. Put several objects in front of her. Remove one and hide it. Aske her, "which one did I take away?" This will help her memory. Needs practice to pay attention to what is happening.

7. Show her a flashcard with one object. Then show her a flash card with a lot of objects, including the one she just saw. Ask her to find it.

8. Show her two objects that have logical relationship (i.e. hate and head, show and shock, etc.) Ask her to match them.

9. Draw lines between matching pictures.

10. Draw lines to trace a pathway through a a maze on paper. Help the dog to find the bone, etc.

11. Show different size drawings. Which is big? Which is small? Which is long? Which is short?

12. Don't always make the right answer the last one you ask. "Are you a girl or a boy? "

13. Give her several objects. Say, "give me one." or "give me two."

14. Teach concept in front of, behind, in back of, etc.

15. Don't just teach body parts, teach function. What do you hear with? What do you eat with?

K has some 4 year old skills, but still lacks 3 year old skills.

Wow! That is encourage and gives me a long list of things to work on. Any ideas on ways to teach these things.

We worked on same and different today. The work sheets out of a workbook where not getting. I pulled out the Memory cards and tried to work with those. We also tried to play a simple Memory with 4 cards -- "where is the ice cream?".

Please give me any and every idea that you might have.


Sheila said...

Wow! That is quite a list. I'm not sure how well C would do with those and he's 2 1/2.

No ideas here. I'm sure you're doing lots of great things with K.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I think she's doing great! I have a suggestion to help with remembering her phone number. Gabi's teacher created a rhyming song out of it and would sing it to her often. It was a perfect method since Gabi has always loved music and usually remembers the words to songs. If Miss K likes music, it may work for her, too. Ours went like this, "I know my phone number. What Fun! 6-9-*-*-*-*-1!" So the fun and one rhymed. I hope that helps!