Thursday, June 7, 2007

Minority Report

Living overseas and in a place where we stick out because of our skin colour you get lots of stares at times. Our city is very international and around here we don't feel those stares too often but during our recent travels we knew we were stared out. The people have seen foreigners but seeing foreigner children or babies is not as common and so Miss K got lots of stares, comments, touches, and pictures taken.

It is a challenge as a mother to protect her from the stares. touches, and photos. Because of her special needs I am sure even in our home culture she would be noticed. When she is in the stroller is it a bit harder than when I am carrying her in the Ergo. I will admit that I found people there a bit pushy and in your face. I did say no to having her picture taken and had some accept. I had one lady beg and plead.

That part of being a mother overseas is hard. I want her to be friendly but also don't want to force it on her.

I think this gives us a glimpse of how she was feeling.

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