Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Date Night

Often our date nights consist of putting Miss K to bed and if we are still awake and have any energy we will have a root beer float or play a round or two of Word Racer our favorite online word game. I do feel that it is important to have those special times together even if it is just at home. Last night was special.

We got a date night last night. Our dear sweet friend is visiting and she offered to watch Miss K so we could go out for an evening. Our first stop was the tailor. Bo wanted to get a shirt made. Actually, we went to the fabric part of the shopping center, bought the fabric and then found a tailor. He will pick up the shirt on Saturday. We turned down all the offers to buy DVD's copy watches, purses and a few other things that the vendors were selling.

Our next stop was Wal-Mart. It has been months, almost a full year since I have been to Wal-Mart. I can't say I am going through withdraw I kinda like not going there. Anyway, we walked there and didn't buy anything. Wal-Mart doesn't look like it does at home. I did see a few of the yellow smiling face. There is a commerical on the train about this guy who buys his girlfriend a meal from McDonald's and she thinks that is the greatest thing in the whole world. We laugh at it but I will confess that was what I was offered and had last night. Let me add a bit more. We considered our options -- a Korean restaurant, a seafood restuarant, a Swenson's that looked empty which is not a good sign, a Mexican that we never could find, and McDonald's. We opted for McDonald's with the condition of Starbuck's coffee afterwards. The thing with McDonald's is you know what you will get. That can be good and bad.

This was a medicine shop that we found last night.
We then went home. It was a bit strange to go to another country for a date night but was a fun outing. I think it is closer to go to Starbuck's there than here except that crossing the border going through immigration twice takes a bit of time.


Sheila said...

Does that say Benign?

I'm glad you were able to have a date night.

Bo Tai-tai said...

yes, you read that correctly. Isn't that were you want to buy your medicine.