Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop-Tarts - The Real Thing Homemade Style

After making the felt Pop-Tarts and also watching Miss K eat the real ones, I decided that making Pop-Tarts should not be that hard. A friend and I were talking and she challenged me to make them. I poked around online and found lots of recipes but tried this one. I made a half recipe because I wasn't sure how they would taste. I also skipped the egg wash mainly because I didn't have that many eggs. I did try 2 jam but they were just spreading the jam on.

They were good and my husband said, I could make them again. My friend who challenged me and her children ate them. The children wanted to make sure that she got the recipe.


Jimmie said...

Now THIS I would be wiling to try! Homemade -- none of that cardboard texture and preservative laden flavor.

Thanks, Beth! You are so smart!

Deanne said...

They are very yummy too. I can vouch for them. :)