Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some things are best unknown

like the price of a gallon of milk. I buy milk in 946ml cartons so that is about 1/4 gallon so when you do the math or is it maths (British say maths) and then convert it works out to . . . really I shouldn't do the math. But since I already did, I might as well tell you - $9.61 for a gallon of milk.

Guess who is now going to buy more powdered milk, it is about $8 for a big can of powdered milk and that is full cream, New Zealand powdered milk.

Okay, just had to share that bit of news. What do you pay a gallon?


Sheila said...

Wow. I pay $3 or less a gallon (for milk) and I think that is a lot.

How much is gas? Measured in litres there I assume. Our local gas station's price just dropped below $4 a gallon and we were pretty excited about that.

Funny how milk and gas are pretty closely priced. I'll tell J about your "maths" reference. He'll love it.

Bo Tai-tai said...

Gas works out to $7.50 a gallon. So gas is cheaper than milk.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Often it seems you tell about how stuff is more expensive there... are the INCOMES higher to compensate? We can't believe how much people make in different states then we live in (Iowa), but their cost of living are much higher as well.