Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Momma Moments

Momma moments comes in all varieties. There are the times you know what to do and the times when you are left wondering how do I deal with this. There are times when it is just sweet and you want to kiss their beautiful heads of hair and then there are the times when they are driving you nuts and you are about to pull out your hair. Then there are times that you are left wondering -- how do you get Play-doh out of hair. My recommendation is conditioner. It worked for us yesterday after a large amount of yellow Play-doh was placed in one's head. She will remain nameless but considering I have one child and I didn't do to myself. I think you can guess.

I wonder what momma moments I will have today.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

That's one I haven't experienced yet. :)

My mommy moments lately have sit down protests by the 3 year old. The library floor is a popular spot and the sidewalk. Tough since I have to pick him up and drag him away and that is bad for my right arm (which I'm supposed to use as little as possible).