Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Momma Moments - Take 2

Yesterday's event seems so simple today. It was easy. I had conditioner and even if I didn't I can buy that at the store. Today's moment -- a crayon that got in the hands of a 4 year and a special painted birthday bench. I have heard so much talk about Magic Eraser but never had one but now is when I really want one. The only problem is they don't sell them here so I guess we will try to scrubbing.

Somebody is being staked a bit closer.


Beth said...

Beth, Have you any baking soda? That is part of what is in the magic erasers. It might work if you just use that with a damp cloth.

Sheila said...

A wrote on the wall (of our rental house) with crayon when he was 18 months or so. It came out but I can't remember what we used.

I think you can google removing crayon from a wall. I found some great suggestions when C wrote on my monitor.

Those Magic Erasers are pretty amazing. Want one for Christmas? :)