Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Birthday Cake

Since we were in Asia this year for Miss K's birthday, we couldn't just go order a Martin's Cake so that meant momma had to make one. It is funny I used to make cakes for my niece and nephew but have not yet made a birthday cake for Miss K.

Pooh is her favourite so we decided to have a Pooh party. I baked a 9x13 white cake. Do you know that the Betty Crocker cookbook does not have a basic plain cake recipe. I guess they assume that everyone uses a mix for the basic cake. Well, the other week my mother had sent me the recipe for a One Egg cake. That is what I made when I was learning to bake so I made a double recipe.

I needed S's help in drawing the head. Here it is ready to begin cutting out Pooh's head. While he was doing that I mixed the icing.
Here is the final product. Our desire was that Miss K would know who it was. She didn't see it until the party and said "Pooh".

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Sheila said...

Happy Birthday K!

That is a big cake - I hope you have people to share it with. ;) I always have leftover cake and icing after birthdays.

Great job on the icing.