Sunday, June 8, 2008

Three Bags

One of the things on my UFO list was to make some bags for Miss K and siblings. I wanted something for when we go out to take treats, books, and other little fun things. So here they are using up fabric that I had except for the meter and half that I had to buy of navy canvas. Some of this is old stroller fabric which I have had in my fabric box for years.

I started with 2 11" x 11" pieces for the body. Made the bottom by pulling (might be a more technical term) 1 1/2" inches to make the bottom. I made a 7"x7" pocket but should measure again because it might have been reduced to 6"x6". The handles are 4" wide and then folded and folded to be 1". They are 14" long. The velcro closure strap is some of the handle strap just put there.

I wrote that out for me so the next time I made one of these bags. I will remember the sizes. Now I can get rid of the little post-it note that I had all that written on.`


Deanne said...

Feel free to use up any fabric you have to make some of those for my kiddos. They would be great "church" bags. I know you don't have anything else on your project list....ha ha ha.

Seriously, those are very cute! Good job using up what you had on hand!!!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... these are cute!