Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sewing with scraps

I have plenty of scraps and lots of fat quarters. I think I bought those once when I was thinking I would make lots of quilts or I thought they were pretty fabrics. Now is the time to use what the fabric that I have around.

A little friend was having a birthday and I decided that a doll quilt would be the pretty gift. This was so easy to make. I just sewed the stripes and then cut to the square and the pieced it. I did machine quilt it.

I have another one peiced for my neice's first birthday. Now I need to quilt it. I am going home in 2 weeks (thanks to frequent flyer tickets). I want to take it with me so I don't have to mail it so I better get busy.

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Sheila said...

You're going home! How fun! Any stopovers? :)